Downsizing the middle class.

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Downsizing the Middle Class

In the essay by Rhonda Burns, "Downsizing the Middle Class," there seems to be one clear message. The gap between the middle and upper class is growing because the rich are lobbying government officials to change the rules and regulations that protect the middle class from the rich. She says that companies that had created jobs in the past are now downsizing in order to gain more total revenue and do not care whom they destroy in the process. Another argument she uses is that businesses are the idea of "survival of the fittest," and that newer management is firing good employees who have helped build the company. The essay closes by stating that during the Cold War with Russia the American middle class laughed at the idea of communism because they supported and believed in the free enterprise system of America (125). Burns basically tries to make her readers believe that the rich are taking all of the money that the middle class has worked to earn.

Burns' paper is not very persuasive and many things need to be done to convince the reader of her argument. Burns' argument is weak and incomplete because she gives no support or statistics explaining why this trend is happening, she addresses no counter arguments, and there is no organization of her paper.

Burns fails to show support and statistics that would give the reader concrete evidence towards how many jobs is being reduced. She does not really use any actual information, just broad generalizations of rich citizens, acting on their own to unfairly grab the wealth that the country as a whole has produced. She does not address the fact that education is becoming a major factor in how employees are being hired. Another point she failed to...