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DRACULA "As the stake went through the vampire's body, Dracula gave a terrible cry. then Arthur's knife cut through the vampire's throat.

There was silence. But there was no blood on the snow. Count Dracula's body was a heap of dust!" Doesn't it seems little bit strange that it says: "But there was no blood on the snow"? I mean, after all the blood he used to drink every night.

When my grandfather first told me the story of Dracula, I was only 10 years old, so he told me: "The day you'll become a man, after your Bar-Mitzvah, I'll tell you how it really ended.

- 3 years have passed, and I am 13 years old. I asked him: "grandpa, please, tell my what has really happened to Dracula". He agreed, and that what he said: "As the stake went through the vampire's body Dracula gave a terrible cry, and all the sky turn red, reedier then his eyes.

Suddenly it seemed that the sky opened to two - just like the 'red-sea crossing'.

Then, Count Dracula tured to a huge black eagle. The eagle's head looked like the vampire's head, but bigger.

A few second later, when he almost vanished, he yelled: "I'll be back, you'll see" Mina, Jonathan, Arthur and the professor, stood next to the empty tomb of Count Dracula, freezing from fear.

Suddenly, Mina remembered she read a book about supernatural phenomenon, and said: "In the book it was written, that to kill a simple vampire, it's much - much easier than to kill the upper vampire.

To kill a simple one, you should do exactly as you did professor, but to kill the Count...

To kill the Count you must make another vampire to bite him in the neck and drink his blood. only that way he will die. But you must remember that the vampire who will kill him, will die too".

"But wait", said Jonathan, "we have a problem: our - industrious professor just killed all the vampires in the area".

"Well, it really is a problem...", The professor add.

"Wait", said Arthur. "perhaps I'll let Dracula bite me and make me a vampire too, so I'll be able to kill him".

"No", Mina interrupted him suddenly. "Don't you remember what I just said- the vampire who will kill the Count, shall die with him".

"I don't care", said Arthur, "after he killed my wife, I swore I'll kill him, and this what I shall do!".

\ \ \ \ \ After a long argument, the professor agreed to tell Arthur what should he do. he told him to wait for Dracula near his tomb - "because that will probably be the first place he will go after the travel beck from the sky".

The prop', Jonathan and Mina went back to town and rent a motel- room ,while Arthur stayed next to Dracula's tomb - with a great fear.

Almost two days have passed until Dracula came back from the sky, looking like the huge eagle.

Arthur suddenly began to ran away, far from the tomb, far from the Count (who changed him self back to a vampire).

But a man who didn't eat a thing for two days couldn't run so fast, and the Count reached him. He threw him down to the ground, and as the expected, he bit him on the neck, drank his blood and said: "now, I'll go find your other miserable friends".

While he said that, Arthur pushed him on the ground, went-up on him and draw near his new sharp teeth to his neck, but a second before he bite him, a strong shot noise, was heard.

Arthur wasn't hit, but the Count was lying dead, in a pool of blood.

Arthur notice his friends. the professor held a strange gun with 6 canes, and in Jonathan hands there was a big flashlight - who changed his lights from red to green over and over again. Arthur - the vampire, couldn't stop watching at the flickering light, until his sharp teeth disappeared.

This flashlight cured him.

"I guess the old peddler really did talked truth..."said the professor." "Whooo! grandpa, this was the most wonderful story I've ever heard." I said, "but how do you know it is really happen that way?" "Ha, this I'll tell you when you'll get to your father's age"