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The opening scene takes place near a big mysterious castle' where Jonathan finishes his journey late at night.

Jonathan steps down from the castle's carriage, Dracula opens the door for him and says: "I offeer my house to you. Come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring" .

Upon showing Jonathan around the castle the count tells him that he is allowed to enter whichever door is open. When they finish the tour they get to a large dinner table set for a meal.

Drcula doesn't join the meal explaining that he had already eaten.

It interested me to continue reading on because the atmosphere of the scene was very mysterious and it was interesting to find out what's going on inside the castle and what kind of man is hiding behind Drcula strange look and action.

The turning point of the story happens the minute Jonathan realizes that Drcula is a supernatural creature.

It happens after he had suspected for a while that something was wrong with Dracula. Dracula enters Jonathan's room and he, Jonathan, sees that Dracula cannot be seen in the mirror.

The climax of the story is its end: after a whole week of investigation and chase Jonathan, Arthur, Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Seaward manages to catch up with Dracula near his castle a minute before the evil forces return to his body at nightfall. They find him, open the closet and do away with him. Doing that, they save Mina too before she had become a vampire herself.