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Dracula The book Dracula written by Bram Stoker is a fictional story filled with supernatural events and a battle of good and evil between the Christianity and the Gothic world. The novel starts out as a young English lawyer named Jonathan Harker traveling to Transylvania to get to Castle Dracula. He was sent to Castle Dracula to conclude a real estate transaction with a nobleman named Count Dracula. Jonathan has no idea of what he is dealing with and along the way the local people warn him about Castle Dracula and also offer him crucifixes and charms against evil. When he gets to the castle, Dracula welcomed him with hospitality. But as the days go he soon realizes he was more of a prisoner than a guest. Dracula had three female, blood sucking creatures in the castle for them to enjoy Jonathan's blood.

Count Dracula leaves to England and Jonathan being left alone, plans to escape by climbing down the castle walls since all the doors were locked.

Back in England Jonathan's fiancée, Mina Seward was getting worried about Jonathan because she hasn't heard from him for a long time. Meanwhile Mina and her friend Lucy Westenra who got engaged with Arthur Holmwood come visit her. While being there they find a strange ship that has crashed ashore but with no crew and the captain being dead. Inside it had 50 boxes of earth from Castle Dracula and a large dog that ran to the shore and disappeared. One night Mina found her friend Lucy sleepwalking in the cemetery and thinks she also saw a man with red eyes bending towards her. The next day Lucy was extremely sick and pale with two tiny red marks on her neck, and the doctor was unable to find out what was wrong...