Dramatic Influences of Change and How They Are Triggered

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Dramatic Influences of Change, How They Are Triggered and The Final Result

Nick Cappy

In class we were told to write down five things or events that we believed could change somebody's life. Now we are supposed to discuss the results of these things and events. One of the things that I quickly jotted down on that sheet of paper is that the death of a family member would have a major effect on anyone. Obviously, I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for many. If a family member of mine passed away I would be horrified. For the first few weeks, maybe even months, after the death I would feel as if my blood was as cold as ice, like my faith in everything just vanished, like my life in itself was non-existent. Tears would constantly be filling my eyes and horror and disbelief would always be consuming my thoughts.

I would look back on my past and feel the distress and pain. There would be an unfilled space in my heart where the love from that person used to be kept. In one simple word, I would be completely and utterly depressed.

Another thing that quickly came to my mind was being severely injured or paralyzed. But blindness would be the worst to me. If I were blind, I would be missing out on the colors of life, the very thing that gives people beauty. The life I knew would be lacking and the fruitiness' and taste of living would be gone. The sight of the beautiful Italian countryside would be nothing but a blurred image and the pictures of my family would soon vanish to stick figures. I would miss out on sight, the real taste of living.

One of the last things that I...