Dramatic Monologue - Orpheus and Eurydice.

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You must not turn around. You must not look back. I know that I must not disobey this simple request. Yet, I cannot stop my mind from running untamed. I now listen closely for Eurydice's footfall behind me, but her shade makes no sound. Could I have been tricked by Hades and his cold Queen Persephone? Did Eurydice fall behind? Questions of mistrust and other morbid thoughts seem to close in on my brain. I desperately yearn to see her with all of my essence. Yet, the words of Hades seem to echo. You must not turn around. You must not look back.

As I struggle to make it toward the light, I cannot help but reflect. How did I reach this point? For many years, I lived my life simply and carelessly. I was considered the most superior musician that ever lived. One strum of my lyre, one note sung, and beasts would crawl to me, rocks would move to be closer, and trees would leave their places to be near me.

Life always had treated me fairly. I had never felt the cold harsh reality of life in the form of physical or emotional affliction.

My life, however, changed forever when I met Eurydice. We shared a love that was perfect and everlasting. Nevertheless, it seems that for me love and adoration have always arrived much like a fleeting wind. No sooner had a gained such a great love then I had lost it. Death coveted and encompassed my dear Eurydice.

After my loss, I was inconsolable. Undoubtedly, my grief was bitter, but I did not let it lull me into a stupor. I decided to take action. Armed with nothing more than my lyre, I descended into the Underworld. My lyre and my voice...