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School dress code

In an era where political correctness and individualism are dominant in our culture, the issues of dress codes in schools are becoming an issue with tremendous pushbacks. While individualism is prevalent and a valid argument against restrictive regulations on clothing, schools are educational institutions meant to teach our youth not only history and arithmetic- but virtues and morals to develop character as young adults. Dress codes are a necessary mandate as it promotes a safe, neutral and focused leaning environment for our youth.

Over the past few years, the argument of school dress codes and uniforms has come to surface in many instances. School uniforms have become a progressively growing common policy in many communities around the world. School dress codes still give children the right to express themselves through their outfits, but with rules and regulations that meet the schools requirements. Consequently, school dress codes and school uniforms main purpose is to conduct a specific atmosphere or environment with in the school while still giving students a morsel of freedom in terms of expressing themselves through the schools wardrobe.

While many parents and educators applaud the idea of school dress codes, others questions whether the school dress code requirements will in fact harm or eliminate student's sense of individualism expressed in the way they dress. Research has shown that there are many benefits to the idea of regulations on the way students dress.

When it comes to expressing ones self, teenagers will always find a way to do so. Imposing or building boundaries to put a regulation on the way they dress can perhaps prevent them from resorting to extremes that may eventually lead to undesirable consequences. School dress codes are just a way to inform students of the importance of a respectable appearance.

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