Drift to War

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Drift to War

Total number of people who died in WWII?

The exact number of people who died is unknown however it is estimated at 50 million people.

What were the main disagreements between the allied leaders in drawing up the Treaty of Versailles?

The main disagreement was deciding how harshly they should treat Germany. Clemenceau wanted revenge on Germany and thought that they should be punished very harshly whereas Wilson wanted peace and was worried that if they treated Germany too badly then Germany would want revenge. Lloyd George saw both sides of the argument.

In what ways was Europe in chaos in 1919?

Europe was in chaos in 1919 because, following the war, people were starving and a flu epidemic spread across Europe. Also it was the start of the communist revolution.

What were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany?

Germany faced political crisis as the people wanted revenge because they blamed the government for losing the war and for signing the treaty and admitting it was their fault.

In addition, there were huge economic problems for Germany and mass unemployment which led to people starving.

What was the Ruhr crisis in 1923 and how was it temporarily resolved?

The Ruhr crisis was when France invaded the Ruhr to try to secure the payments which Germany was refusing to pay. To solve the problem, the US started loaning money to Germany to help them pay off their reparations.

Hitler became chancellor in 1933 - why did some people support him and why was it so difficult to oppose him?

People supported Hitler because he provided order within chaos. He told them that he knew how to save Germany and he gave them confidence and welfare. It was difficult to oppose him because anyone who...