The Drinking Age

Essay by thebreaststroker April 2009

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In July 1984 Congress passed a bill requiring all states to enforce a minimum drinking age of 21, or they would lose their federal highway funding as punishment. Every state quickly complied to this, even if it was completely against what state law-makers believed. The drinking age in the United States is a contradiction. Adults at the age of 18 can marry, vote, adopt children, own and drive automobiles, have abortions, enter into legally binding contracts, operate businesses, purchase or even perform in pornography, give legal consent for sexual intercourse, fly airplanes, hold public office, serve on juries that convict others of murder, hunt wildlife with deadly weapons, be imprisoned, be executed, be an employer, sue and be sued in court, and otherwise conduct themselves as the adults they are, of course, they can serve in the United States armed services and give their lives defending their country. One of the very few things they can’t legally do is consume an alcohol beverage.

They can’t even have a sip of champagne at their own weddings. The minimum drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one in the United States.

In the early 80's the government decided that they wanted to cut down on traffic deaths. Alcohol related traffic deaths were a large contributor to the overall amount of traffic deaths, so a push was made to cut down on alcohol related traffic deaths. This was the main reason that the drinking law came into effect. It is understandable to want to protect the lives of people by making drinking and driving laws. But to take away adults right to drink because of their age is out of the question. Studies cant prove that 18-21 year olds are more likely to drive drunk than older class people like 45 year olds. The...