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Blessed Sacrament Huguenot has many traditions throughout the calendar year. Junior Service Week is one of the most memorable and cherished traditions. During this week the juniors travel throughout our county and its surrounding areas to perform volunteer jobs; however, my case was not as ordinary. I would be assigned to Blessed Sacrament where I would participate in the Adopt a Highway Foundation. I did not get to travel away from school as my peers anxiously waited. On the flip side the environment on the job though could not have been better. Mr. Green motivating and graceful mood had me ready to fill Fresh Kills Landfill twice. Also working outdoors added to the positive mood. I hit the road with only the sun and swift travelers of Academy Road to keep me company and alert. With no co-workers it did sparingly become lonely I only looked to my advisor to point me in the direction of the task at hand.

My main task was to stroll Academy Road to fill as many mammoth Virginia Department of Transportation Bags as possible with litter. I managed to fill over a dozen bags in an exhaustive effort to restore our environment to its once pure and honorable stature. One day it unfortunately rained and my environmental expedition was postponed. As a result I was assigned to Parker Gym to clear it of any litter than I proceeded to sweep and mop the forgotten abyss under the bleachers. Well I know I will never forget those bleachers. In all I feel I provided a small but noble deed for the community and humanity by simply removing what others neglected to toss away IN a trash can I might add. The best part of my experience was being outdoors while serving my community and school.