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What is identity? We know from intuitive self-awareness that personal identity exists. It seems to be a fact of conscious life, as common as the word "I." But the real question is how to define it? I have come to realize that there is no set definition on what makes an identity, so if my understanding is correct anything and everything can make an identity. There is no wrong answer. It varies from person to person. For example Andre Dubus, the author of "Witness"makes his identity clear through stories in which he shows his disability. In his case having a disability is part of his identity "I cannot stand or walk . . . I cannot live as normals do."

As for myself, I can relate, although not to the extent as Dubus, I can understand the anger that goes along with a disability. My disability is anemia, and while most people that suffer from anemia do not see anything other than minor side effects, I do.

I am severely anemic, and so it affects my everyday life. I have trouble getting up in the morning because I am too tired, even after a good night sleep. I have to take iron pills and I eat red meat almost every day. Furthermore, I have seen more doctors than I wish to remember and they all tell me the same thing "you'll grow out of it." "Really, thanks Doctor, you've been so helpful," I reply sarcastically. Few people know about my sickness, which I plan to keep that way. For some reason I feel that if many people knew about it they would feel bad for me, and could possibly think I was weak, which is the last thing that I want.

Part of my identity is being strong and un-afraid,