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The Customization or individualization refers to the personalization of communication between the users and a website (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p9).The customization can either be initiated by the firm which is the firm customize the website for the user or initiated by the user which is user build a custom version of the site (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p13).For instance, MyYahoo.

Interactivity defined as the users' ability to conduct two way communications. This includes user-to-user and firm-to-user communication. (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p10).The example of user-to-user communication is chat room, while for the firm-to-user is newsletter. Interactivity is the second force that affects consumer behavior is the real-time (or delayed) two-way communication between users and the site. (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p10).

Customer user interface is a appropriate user interface should reflect the theme of the store represented, be easy to navigate, and be pleasing and viewable to the store's customers (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p70).The

website that employ heavy java, flash animation sometimes cannot be view by the customers cause some customer's computer may do not have the new version hardware and software like macromedia flash viewer. Before doing the website, they should understand their customer capabilities and aware of how technically savvy their customers are from a hardware, software and bandwidth point of view.

Customer demand for transparency is the website that would provides customers an easy interface to collect and track information such as the order status, delivery tracking and product availability (Rayport and Jaworski, 2001, p88).The customers has the ability to check the status of order at any time on the shopping cart or their own shopping account.


Customization is important to an enterprise to conduct business via the internet because it allows specifying the customers' preferences in content selection, context selection and...