E-commerce means death of mass marketing

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Executive Summary:a. what is e-commerce?b. what is mass-marketing?Connection mass-marketing with e-commerceMass marketing dying today:a. mass marketing means the process in the pastb. new technologies:- internet: all information are there- the range of activities users undertake onlinec. mass marketing fraud todayOpportunities in both: the business-to-consumer and business-to-business onlineRecommendations for mass-marketing improve.

ConclusionSourcesExecutive summaryCommon topic today, mostly everywhere, is that mass marketing is dead or is on the way out. As far as I read, mass-marketing is advertising to large market segments through mass media and other public forum.

In mass-marketing, millions are invested in TV, full page advertisings in newspapers and radio.

What make the end of the mass-marketing? E-commerce is one part of what makes mass-marketing death. E-commerce is about doing business online, via the web. It is also called e-business, e-tailing and I-commerce. Although e-commerce implies that goods and services can be purchased online.

In this paper, I'm going to write about why and how e-commerce makes end of the mass marketing.

Additionally, I would like to mention what mass- marketing meant in the past but how its look now and about new technologies what is the main mass-marketing competitor.

1 Connection mass-marketing with e-commerce1.1 AdvertisingThe main connection between e-commerce and mass marketing is advertising.

Traditional advertising for mass-marketing are:•TV and Radio•Magazines and Newspapers•Billboards•BrochuresE-commerce makes also advertising but on the internet, everything takeplace online.

1.2 ProductionAs mass-marketing such e-commerce produces different products.

2 Mass marketing dying today2.2 Mass marketing means the process in the pastMass-marketing lost its total dominance. First of all, people have already bored by the same advertising. For example, let's take a TV. When people come to home in the evening after the work, usually they are watching TV. They prefer look at some good movie or evening news, but after each 10 minutes...