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HEBUTT Grocery Store HEB is one of the largest retail grocery stores in Texas. This privately owned business was first opened in 1905 in Kerrville as a store where they would sell food in bulk as a charge and delivery operation. Howard and Florence Butt and her three sons, which were Charles, Eugene, and Howard E, ran this store in Kerrville. In the early nineteen hundreds and even today HEB focused their attention to the needs of their customers. One of the ways they did in the 1900's was by delivering groceries to their customers because they had no means of transportation but as the years past so did the needs of the customers as well. Customers in the nineteen twenties now had vehicles so they preferred picking up their groceries and taking them home, so HEB established a cash and carry system. This new cash and carry system allowed customers to pick up their own groceries and take them home and at the same time lowering the costs of the products, which became more appealing to the customers.

HEB also began selling items such as pots, pans and even tools in their stores, which allowed customers to purchase many more items at one store, which made it more convenient for customers.

HEB's single store in Kerrville in 1905 soon expanded to a chain of stores by the mid nineteen thirties in the Rio Grande Valley. Howard's skills in customer service was a major reason why HEB was able to thrive. By this time HEB was doing business in San Antonio and Austin. Also at this time HEB started one of the many charitable acts that would allow customers to view Howard's efforts of sharing his success by giving back to the community. After Howard past away his son Charles...