The Economic Impact of Integration into the European Union

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The Europian Union is a political organization, the aim of which is to unite Europe industries, to make them more efficient and to promote peace and co-operation. Membership of the EU is one of the main objectives in Lithuania's foreign and general policy. Joining the EU is a really important historical step which will make a great impact on areas such as environment, health, social security and many other spheres of live. Economic development of Lithuania will experience the most significant impact by way of financial support, development of small and medium business, joining the Common Market and introduction of Euro.

To begin with, the EU provides Lithuania with assistance, the Phare programme being the largest component. For the years 2000-2002 total financial assistance to Lithuania amounts to around 126 million from Phare, 90 million from SAPARD, and around 155 million from ISPA. Moreover, during the first years of membership Lithuania will receive financial support of about 1,7 billions litas.

This will bring prosperity and beneficial development to Lithuania and will help to improve economy, to create the amount of working places, to develop agriculture and the use of new technologies in all spheres.

Furthermore, joining the EU gives advantageous conditions for the development of small and medium business enterprises, to which EU gives special attention and support as they create about 80 percent of European market. Enterprises of small and medium business strengthen regional economy, help to reorganize its structure, stimulate the development of producing capacity, and promote the creation of new working places. In addition, businessmen will be protected by the EU law and other EU member states will invest money into Lithuanian enterprises.

Equally important is the fact that integration into the EU will brisk trade with other countries of the EU because the number of obstacles...