Ecstasy: The Effects on Humanity

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Joy for the regular man is always restricted to regular activities. He may talk with friends, watch a TV show, play some video games, and only get a certain amount of happiness that never reaches a high peak, which is completely acceptable to the person because he doesn't know of the existence of any such peak...until he takes some ecstasy. The drug's effects are so strong, they take the person up so high that he feels like he is in Heaven, talking to Jesus, only to drop him the whole eight-hour distance in less than a minute. Ecstasy is a stealthily atrocious drug that has overall negative emotional, physical, and sociological effects due to its dangerously addictive properties that easily impair the user into believing that he or she is perfectly fine. In sense, those properties quietly mess up the user's life. Although the full-blown, negative effects take some time to come out, just like many other drugs', they will be foul.

Ecstasy, again compared to many other drugs, is a substance that evidently somehow changes the brain's chemical balances, creating such an imbalance that would be perceived as being one ten times stronger than that of simply being happy from an every-day source of joy like listening to music or hearing a joke. The emotional impacts it has on its users are most generally described as that of completely opening their minds to everything: all care diminishes, and all previous boundaries that may prevent certain actions disappear. In other words, it is as if the subconscious desires are unrestricted and let-loose, getting rid of any limitations such as shame, embarrassment, and guilt, allowing for the most pleasurable experiences to take place. On top of that, the users feel as if they were in Heaven, feeling a peak in...