Effects of Quality Management

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Effects of Quality Management

For an organization to achieve goals set for growth and prosperity, quality management is of vast importance. Excellent quality management within an organization will increase customer satisfaction. The goal of every organization is to generate the highest quality product or service for its customers. I will discuss a similar process that two organizations use and explain how this process produces a competitive service. In addition, a discussion will take place regarding how quality management affects the positions of both organizations in the marketplace. The first organization is American Airlines, which operates domestically. The second organization is Lufthansa Airlines, which operates globally.

Similar Process in Both Organizations

Two of the most popular airlines today are American Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines. The airlines are operating and doing well in the area of consistent improvement to their business services and operations. Lufthansa Airlines is developing and initiating techniques of communication to make sure that all of its employees apply quality standards into their daily work environment to ensure long-term competitiveness (Business Wire, 1995).

Both airlines use Total Quality Management for improving their services and operational quality. The purpose of Total Quality Management is to build a successful service process along with appropriate quality and scheduling measures for the airlines (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). By following the Total Quality Management process, both airlines become knowledgeable in ways to satisfy the needs of different customers.

The first step in the Total Quality Management process is to look for any differences in the delivery system. At this stage of the process, middle management plays an important role in understanding the differences by interpreting their significance to lower-level employees. By understanding the existing differences, management can easily resolve all the problems from the beginning level. Once each airline understands and identifies the...