Effects of Social Networks

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Jaclyn Escobar

Cause and Effect Essay

English 009- Mrs. Kathleen Dorantes

22 September, 2014

Effects of Social Networking

The world's social media is a luxury that has put the world at our fingertips. If given the opportunity, this luxury will abuse the power it has to divide and conquer relationships, families, and the privacy of others. Although social networking is quite popular to our society, it is not relevant to share your business with your mutual friends online. You have to be a strong person to be able to get involved with the media. Although there are advantages at having the world at our fingertips, there is a negative side. Anyone can go online and view every aspect or detail about another person, whether it's good or bad. In most cases, negative input is introduced. This puts any type of relationship at risk.

The effect of a relationship can easily be caused by social networks.

I know this because I frequently view it while scrolling through my news feed on Facebook. Last week I came across a picture of a teen named Terri. Terri posted a photo of herself on the beach wearing a bikini. Not even five minutes later, a comment appeared on Terri's photo. The comment was from Josh, a classmate of Terri's. According to his information on his profile, Josh attended high school in El Centro. His page indicated he was "In a Relationship" with a girl named Kayla. The comment Josh left on Terri's photo, "Looking good!" though innocent was directed to Kayla. The damage had been done, on not one but both sides of the page. As days pass on, Terri and Kayla were posting back and forth to each other, fighting over the comment Josh left. These posts were not only seen as childish...