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There once was a young woman who was incredibly antisocial. She had been homeschooled her entire school years, and her mother had let her play videogames as soon as she got her work done. Spending so much time on these video games, she hardly ever saw the outdoors except to go shopping with her mother and occasionally run around the block. (Her father was very particular about physical fitness.) She had never dated before, nor hardly talked to anyone outside her family. She had every video game available, and she had mastered almost every level on the new ones. One certain video game that she was particularly obsessed with was called Gamebook, where you could talk with other people logged onto the game and play a series of Magical Quests with them. There was one person, named Art3mis, who she was especially fond of gaming with. He (or as his profile called himself) was extremely good at 1980's games such as Joust and Fire.

She would track his IP address' log-in times and dates so she could play games with him. After a few weeks of playing games with her, Art3mis noticed that this gamer was different than the others he had met over the past years. She never used the chat room, which to most overly intellectually stimulated individuals was a huge advantage to their team, because then they could relay a message to the other players. Interestingly enough, she hadn't used it at all, yet still was almost perfect in all of her scores.

The young woman's gaming character, whose name was Elemenoepei, had been cast under a semi-eternal spell by an evil witch-character-virus named Ellipsica because of her jealousy of Elemenoepei's immense beauty and gaming skills. This spell constricted Elemenoepei's chatting/speaking ability, and only...