Elements of a Marketing Mix

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Marketing is a very complex concept that involves a detailed process. The types of strategies for marketing focus on a target audience and are directly related to what is known as the In this paper I will discuss the 4 P's Marketing Mix. that are part of the Marketing Mix.

The Marketing Mix has been defined by many as the controllable variables a company puts together to satisfy its target market. According to Kelly Nasr, "A Marketing mix is only as strong as its weakest component, thus a Marketing Mix must be in proper balance to create personality (product image) that meets the needs and desires of the target market". If any parts of a Marketing Mix get out of balance, the target market will be insufficiently served. This model of the Marketing Mix was first introduced by Neil Borden when he published his 1964 article, "The Concept of the Marketing Mix". Borden had first started using the phrase in 1949 and claimed that it came to him while reading a book by James Culliton on the activities of a business executive. The 4 P's that the Marketing Mix consists of are product, place, promotion, and price.

The first part of the marketing mix is product. Being able to pick the right product to market to the consumer is extremely important. The product may not be only a physical product, but also can be a service or a set of causes. Many needs and wants must be considered while marketing a product. Being able to create and have a product that a consumer wants and giving them the service they desire, is key in becoming successful. Creating a design and packaging for the product is also another important element to the success of marketing a product.

Place is an important part of the marketing mix. Being able to get a product in the right place, to the right audience will help with marketing success. Place is connected to decisions which are involved with getting the right product to the right place.

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