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Many people find it a dream to work outside Egypt in America or Europe because they think that job opporunities are available there more at home. In reality, there are many people who traveled and tried to get jobs but did not find any suitable ones. Some of them dreamt to work as doctors, engineers or Lawyers but ended up working as waiters or guards. The effect of immigration has its positive and negative concequences. Due to lack of opportunities and longing for better life, young Egyptians emigrate which has negative effects on the country and individual.

One of the causes that lead young Egyptians to emigrate to different counties like America or any European country is the lack of opportunities. In Egypt, young people have few opportunities and severe competition. One of these reasons is the bad economy which the country suffers from. As a result of such bad economy many young men do not find jobs to suit their ambition.

In other words, sometimes they find a job but has nothing to do with their major. For example, a young man majoring in accounting might find a job like taxi driver which does not suit him at all. The dilemma is either drive a taxi or stays home until he comes up with the idea of emigration, as an alternative for a future with no hope.

Another reason which make people emigrate is the advanced health care that the developed countries provide. Many countries in Europe and America provide health insurance for the citizens which help for better life. For example, if any American citizen needs an operation, he would get the best possible care with less money than Egypt. Moreover, some people emigrate to be able to live with the rest of the family who had left Egypt before. People might find living with the rest of the family in one country is safer than living alone that's why they might think of emigration.

As a result emigration may have negative effects on the home land as talented people leave the country. First, there will be less skilled people who can work in many fields consequently the country will become less productive in capital goods in particular which might lead toeven worse economy. Moreover, the host countries will benefit from those immigrants and they could come up with many ideas which can make them far away developed. For example, the Egyptian chemist Mohamed Zoel who was very intelligent and has creative ideas the country did not help him to do that, so he resorted to the States where he found facilities and fundraising which helped him to research and was awarded the Nobel prize for his new inventions; thus, benefiting the States while Egypt lost one of the smartest minds.

Apart from having negative effects on the country, emigration has also negative effects on the individual. The immigrant is taking risks finding a hob. According to statistics, there is a chance of 50% success and 50% failure. There is also the probability to work in a profession which is completely different from his major. For example, if an emigrant wants to find a job as a lawyer or an accountant or even sole properioter, he might end up working as a waiter or a cook. Another thing, he might loose all his money without any purpose and that might lead him to commit crimes. Not only is the financial loss but also psychological problems which may affect him. Being away from his family and friends may result in psychological problems too.

Finally, the lack of opportunities is the main reason behind resorting young people to immigrate to another country seeking better opportunities and better living standard. This might cause many negative effects on the country loosing skilled people will lead to less production that will affect the countries economy. Another negative effect is taking the risk of loosing all money without any gain. Therefore, the country must take care of this point and try to benefit from the skilled people it has to be able to develop.