An Emotional Essay About War

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Emotional Essay

In a war there is a lot of emotional damage. One of them can be depression. When a person is emotionally hurt, and he/she will eventually become depressed. People become depressed in war for a lot of reasons, as you can imagine. Can you imagine being where people die right in front of you and even some are your closest friends if part of your family? It can also lead to madness. People can go crazy seeing such terrible sites. It very hard seeing that everyday and still feel good and stay healthy. When you are in a war that you basically put your self out there and their hope is to win and they loose, that can hurt too. You would feel that you took time out of life and tried the best you could but you basically wasted you're and it was meaningless time. When in war anyone could be heartless and kill the opponent to stay alive.

But then afterwards they feel guilty about it.

Some people are forced to go to war, and they fear the war so they can get emotionally hurt in the war. Fight can be like a war but smaller. In a fight a person can be humiliated, which feels horrible. Anxiety and shock are also part of a war. The anxiety never leaves you. Every moment of every day someone is killed and you never know it might be you. You are nervous every second that you might be killed. It shocks you when you see people/friends that were there one second and gone the next. Fights can start with lying, cheating, or betrayal. When a person lies or cheats the others get very mad at that person, and start a fight. When someone betrayals you obviously...