Employee Safety, Health and Welfare Law

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Employee Safety, Health and Welfare LawUniversity of PhoenixEmployee Safety, Health and Welfare LawThe area of employment safety, health and welfare requires the discussion of several factors, agencies and laws that have jurisdiction over the American workplace. The discussion of all agencies globally involved in the maintenance of a safe work environment is beyond the scope of this paper. This document will briefly discuss the effect of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) on the American employer and briefly discuss the effects of the Workmen's Compensation Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 was established in order to provide protection for employees who are required to take time-off from work for the birth of a child. Prior to 1993, there was no protection for employees who requested time-off for the care of a newly born. The FMLA entitles employees who are eligible for a total of 12 workweeks of time away from work without pay.

The time can be utilized to provide care for a newly born child, a newly adopted child, or sickness of a son or daughter, parent or spouse who is seriously ill. The employee can also use FMLA for his or her own serious medical condition that prevents them from performing the essential functions of the position (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007).

FMLA applies to all public sector employers' including local, state and federal agencies. Educational employers are also required to participate in the FMLA as well as private sector employers who employed 50 or more employees in the preceding 20 workweeks in the prior calendar year. Employers that are required to provide FMLA protection to employees are those who employ more than 50 employees in a 75 mile radius (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007).

For an employee to qualify for...