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Employment LawBUS 415Deborah Gronet4 June 2008IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss an employment situation that I encountered. While I was an employee of Life Aid Medical LLC as the operations manager, there was a change in ownership and we had two black males that had worked for the company for eight and twelve years. Almost immediately the new owner said that we needed to cut one of our drivers, there where only two and both where the afore mentioned black men and the only blacks who worked for the company. It was not long that we needed to have another driver the man hired was white. And the other black driver was being written up quite regularly. About six months later the other black ma was fired, and replaced with a white man with made the whole company white. There where never any charges of discrimination but I always thought that deep down there was some form of racial discrimination happening in this case.

If there would have been an accusation then the fired could have brought a discrimination suit under Title VII.

Title VIITitle VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII) has had a profound effect on this country and is still continuing to evolve today. In this paper, I will discus the history and evolution of Title VII, its impact in the workplace, who is covered and not covered and its amendments, and how employers can avoid Title VII claims.

President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill into law on July 2, 1964. Title VII of this Act outlaws discrimination in employment in any business on the basis of race, national origin, sex, or religion. Though it encompasses other protected classes the root cause of the legislation was to eliminate the unfair employment of African Americans.

Although Title...