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Subj: Empowerment Facing Tomorrows Challenge I Beleive Date: 2/5/02 11:58:31 PM Central Standard Time From: KweenC13 To: you all I believe that if I dream it I can achieve it. In a world of modern technology and scientific development one must be empowered or prepared to meet the challenges we must face.

For each young person who is know a dependent, life is so simply because or parents and guardian are solving our problems. Little do we realize this period is only temporary. Life goes on. Adulthood must come with personal responsibility.

How will I prepare to meet my challenges? I must first think big. In order for me to think big I must say as doctor Ben Carson "I must Unleash my Potentials for excellence." Academically I want to be the valedictorian of my class. I want to be a doctor and work in pediatrics teaching others to administer physical therapy to children.

In order for me to do this I must believe in myself, study consistently, and believe in God. I must use every talent inwhich God has bestowed upon me.

I must be empowered for facing tomorrow's challenges because of my inner strengths and positive values given to me by my loving parents and generations of good examples. I will work hard, dream, and think big. I will study hard, acknowledge God as first in my life and in all that I do. I believe I will be empowered to face my challenges in the present and future with excellence.

Tomorrow's challenges can determine who wins or loses. I am determine to make the right choices so that my name can be listed among those empowered, reconized,and successful.