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Well thought, sir: The story starts with telling about a teachers life in a school. Every morning the teacher goes to teach pupils like us. How do you know if the they are succeeding? What makes a good teacher? This is a story about Malcolm Joe, a pupil who was lucky enough to be well taught.

The story starts by telling us about Joe's hard time in primary school. He doesn't pay attention and only day dreaming. The teachers and the headmistress had little hopes for his feature, but his parents wanted him to attend grammar school. But then he had to pass his eleven plus exam. And surprisingly he did, the only one in his class. He had sat in a full classroom without getting his views heard, so he sat and dreamed without getting to show his talent.

When he got to the school they meet their English teacher, Mr Bishop.

He was an enthusiastic teacher who taught them different views to learn English. Writing etc wasn't that important. Then his father saw his English homework and he reacted to how his writing was, and asked don't they teach you to write properly at that school? And wanted to talk to their teacher.

After a talk with the headmaster, he lost his place in the grammar school and sent to a local private school. There the headmaster took English himself, and he rammed it down the pupils necks. This really help, he learned all he had to know, and his writing improved remarkably. He earned the annual English prize award.

So when the time came he wanted to study journalism, but all the editors told him that he wasn't journalism material, he was more of a poet than a writer. He ws not a man, you...