English Master Essay - Horoscopes Yr 9 written by N lancaster write a satire about a chosen subject (horoscopes) of interest that you feel strongly against.

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Horoscopes are first and foremost a huge deception, as you pick up a newspaper and flick to the horoscopes section supposedly written by 'Jonathan Cainer' (dated 8th August), you are slowly being manipulated by the text you read.

These pathological delusions about reality or in other words horoscopes are spread by the mass media in a form that is so artless in ways that they can relate to almost anyone at any time such quotes from the Leo prediction says "Nobody will love you in quite the way you want to be loved" this statement is alike and the main bases for all horoscopes.

Horoscopes is referred to as the astrology of stars. Webster defines the word 'astrology' as the pseudo science that treats of the influences of the stars upon human affairs, and of foretelling terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. Pseudo means false therefore making astrology a false science! The word sounds real scientific, complete with '-ology' on the end, once people read something or hear someone using highly technical terminology they think he or she knows a lot.

These people are afraid of the future and they are afraid of making bad decisions so the turn to someone or something ie. Horoscopes for advice

Horoscopes refer your emotions and feelings to the stars and planets, a text that highlights is "Pluto is forming and awkward angle to mercury. This implies that what's happening is happening is happened because it has to happen" such lines as these have clearly no relation to the reader's emotions, feelings or actions. This is another clear example of Jonathan Cainer talking about things that nobody knows about so it makes him look superior to the reader. Leaning them to accept his advice because he seems more knowledgeable.

Irresolute people...