English translation to the 7th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

Essay by pengin April 2003

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7) Istanbul (Yi Si Tan Bao)

Been to many places

I come to Istanbul

It's just like a fairy tale

There are castles and forts

Everyday I'm busy searching

What is it that I want?

I realise that I have lost my way

No matter how I search I just can't find it again

A sudden surge of inspiration

I rise in the wee hours

No matter what I do I can't fall asleep

Yesterday night, you came to me in my dreams

So all I really want is you

To have a burger with me

After all is said my wish is only this small

Everyday I pray you know my heart beats for you

I'm in Istanbul

And all I want to do is to have a burger with you

I want to be able to see you smile everyday

I know this place is beautiful but you, from my hometown, are more beautiful