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When it comes to the mystifying topic of heroes, many people instantaneously think of Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. These superheroes play a huge impact on society and are admired for their special abilities and audacity for saving the humankind. In this intricate era we call the 21st Century, the world has utterly degraded to its lowest peak- any person in this dreadful world can achieve a “hero” status. Evidently, insignificant breeds of ludicrous “stupid and flukey heroes” have unfortunately emerged into this blistering age. These drunken, preposterously mischievous pixies have stolen the limelight from the admirable heroes, who have been are undesirably left unnoticed.

Humanity has depleted all its means of integrity, insolently allowing almost anyone to acquire a hero status. The once-cherished word “hero” has been soberly stripped of its virtue, as the rampant stupid and flukey heroes are on the rise, whilst the authentic heroes are gradually withering away into non-existence.

On the topic of misery, flukey heroes have certainly achieved the “unnecessary fad of the century award.” These malevolent creatures are typically non intellects with an average IQ of 5. They are simply clueless and have no inspiration in life, waiting their entire lives for “something lucky to happen again”. Surprisingly, they are considered the “lucky ones” who, by chance, unconsciously commit heroic acts in life-threatening events, without even having any knowledge of the current situation. By achieving this, they are instantly labelled la de facto heroes.

In the article “Heroes or Hobos” A well renowned flukey hero, JohnnyCa, shares his tedious story:Two years ago on a bright, sunny, wonderful spring day, I decided to withdraw money from the local bank to buy the latest Britney Spears album. As I was about to enter, I accidentally slammed the door, trouncing someone repeatedly. I came to realise the...