Essay discusses basic solutions for juvenile offenders, where they should be placed and what should be done.

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Jails were one of the first facilities around to house juveniles. Many attempts have been made to improve these jails and also many different forms of jails have been built. The two main buildings would be the secure prisons such as "juvy" and the staff secure housing which involves little supervision.

The secure prisons would house more severe criminals who would be doing "hard time". They usually consist of a well supervised staff and rules are very strict. Everything from bedtime to eating is carefully monitored for maximum protection. This is a very good place for repeat offenders or serious offenders to be placed, in my professional expert opinion. People who commit crimes of certain nature such as, murder, rape, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary should be housed in these facilities. These types of prisons should be used and I have a strong feeling they will always be used.

Staff secure facilities are much more nonchalant types of complex. They have little supervision and the offenders can basically have as much freedom as they like. Youngsters who attend this type of facility are less serious offenders committing acts such as theft, larceny, or many minor incidents. They receive home-cooked meals and can have a significant amount of time spent outdoors. Guards at these facilities do not even chase after runaways, they simply call the police. However, runaways in these facilities are very rare due mainly to the fact that a lot of these kids have a better life while in the housing than they do outside the housing. This particular kind of establishment is, in my opinion, a well suitable place for small offenders to be.

Probation is also another technique that I personally think is crap. Informal probation is when you don't have to check in with...