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The Hawaiian people much like any other people have beliefs that explain the unexplainable. They believe in these gods to help themselves understand their origin and the reasons that things happen. Today the legends have become more like myths but in the ancient days, they were very, very real.

Hawaiian peoples' beliefs are as strong as any other cultures beliefs. Although belief in these "gods" is less familiar today, some traditional Hawaiians cling on to their ancestors' way of life. Cultures are identified and determined by many things and their "beliefs" is yet another essential part of what makes a people unique. In the Hawaiian language, Ke Akua means God.(www.mauimapp)

The most important god is Akua, also known as Knpua. Akua is responsible for the creation of the world and keeping everything in working order. The god Kane is tied into the trees and forests of Hawaii and is the god of light and life.

Lolo is the god of harvest and along with Ku, Kane, and Akua are some of the gods that were worshiped the most. The god who is known for his trickery and making mischief is Kapua. Ki'i is the god credited for creating the first person. Ku would be the god of war. Laka is the goddess of song and dance and Hi'iaka is known as the spirit of fertility, sorcery, and dance.

Perhaps the better known goddess is Pele, goddess of volcanic fire. She is personified as the female power for destruction. Poliahu is the goddess of Mauna Kea and is a rival to Pele. Kamapua'a was Pele's lover and is known as the hog god. This is because Pele, after after becoming enraged about him cheating on her, changed him into an ugly pig. (www.spiritsouthseas/Gods,names of gods)

Many gods exist in...