This essay is about hitlers rise to power in 1933 and why he was able to become as powerfull as he did.

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"Why did Adolf Hitler come to power in Germany by 1933?"

In 1933, Adolf Hitler, came to power for a number of reasons. I am going to talk on five particular reasons of why he came to power. I will talk about: -

· Inflation in 1923 - This is where Germany stopped paying reparations to France.

· Depression in 1929 - This is where Businesses started to become bankrupt.

· Treaty of Versailles - This is where Germany had to pay reparations of £6600 million of gold and goods for causing the war.

· Classes and why people voted for Hitler.

· Hitler's book (Mein Kapf), his ideas and how he became such a brilliant speaker.

After World War 1, Germany had a much worse situation to come as rapid inflation occurred. The German currency was rapidly becoming worthless. By 1923 people had to carry their wages in wheelbarrows.

This might sound like a good thing but the money they carried was only worth a cup of coffee! As money was becoming worthless children could play with blocks of money, which could have been worth a lot before but is so useless now it is used to keep them entertained. As money was of no value anymore, some German people became very poor and starved to death, as they could not afford to live. As this wasn't bad enough Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies and had already lost some of their best coal and iron fields to France under the Treaty of Versailles. Germany eventually stopped paying France for the reparations so they could try and solve their economic crisis but France ordered troops to the Ruhr district of Germany and seized many more coalfields. This act made Germany more desperate to find a solution...