Essay on lifes tough choices in highschool and college.

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Since I was little I have always had the passion to play sports, but I never really knew how much I loved playing them until the end of grade 7. All through high school I would tryout for every team, rather I made them or I not I love to play. When I was in grade 8 I had a wicked gym teacher, her name was Judi Burgess; she was my favorite teacher. From her and the passion and love for playing sports I knew that teaching and playing sports was what I wanted to do; I wanted to become a PE teacher because PE teachers are the coolest teachers on the planet!

My passion for wanting to teach increased each year and I couldn't wait to graduate, so then I can become a PE teacher. All through high school they made us fill out a career plan form, and every time I would get everything but a PE teacher. Those were the times when I started to second guess myself on rather this career is the right path for me; was it going to be a stable future for me? There were many unanswered questions that were bottled up in my mind. Although, there are all these unanswered questions I know that my future plans in life for sure I want to be a PE teacher.

Then I think, where would I be in ten to twenty years from now? Will I be married, have kids or even like my job as a PE teacher. It's impossible to predict my future; who knows where I'll be in 10 to 20 years from now. I know where I want to be; a PE teacher at my hometown high school, Prince Rupert Senior Secondary School while...