The essay about physical journey in the film "Cast Away" by Isaac Sohn

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Physical journey is someone or something moves from one place to another. The film, Cast Away, directed by Robert Zemeckis, shows concepts of physical journey by using the character Chuck Noland who trapped in an isolated and uninhabited island as a result of a plane crash. Through the film, Robert Zemeckis shows that physical journeys are often arduous by nature, a person can feel isolated during the journey, and a physical journey can be repeated in the reverse order.

The film Cast Away reflects the idea that physical journeys are often arduous by nature. Many physical journeys can get harder by the power of nature such as storm, tornado, hail and flood. In the film Cast Away, the plane crashed into the sea near the island where is uninhabited. Through the movie, Robert Zemeckis showed how the nature affected the journey. Chuck Noland, the leading character, was on the plane because of his job.

On the way to his destination, the plane meets storm and crashes into the sea. To emphasise the power of the nature, Robert Zemeckis used flashing lights and the sound effect (SFX) to produce lightning and storm. When the plane was falling down, quick movement of camera was used to show the danger and tension that are produced by the storm. A point of view shot of Chuck Noland was used when he was looking outside through the window and this shot put audience in the plane so that they know the fear produced by the power of nature. When Chuck Noland survived from the crash, many waves fell on him and put him in danger. Zemeckis again used a point of view shot to show the power of nature and used zoom out to an extreme long shot from high level angle...