An essay on President George W. Bush's efforts towards an Ownership Society.

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The Bush administration has worked throughout the last year to promote the idea and practice of an ownership society in America. The administration has given this title ownership society to incorporate several aspects of ownership. They have included rhetorical strategies within President Bush's speeches to influence American citizens in favor of a move toward an ownership society.

The goal of the ownership society simply stated is for Americans to own just about everything they depend on. They want Americans to own and take responsibility for the things they need in their life. The main points of ownership emphasized are own you own home, own your own business, own your own healthcare, and own social security or retirement fund. The administration pushes these points and provides reasons why citizens should become more responsible for them, and the government less responsible for them.

These rhetorical passages Bush used throughout his campaign had enduring and dynamic effects within American politics.

Most obviously Bush won his 2nd presidential term election in 2004, supplying evidence that voters supported Bush's ownership society or at least were not extremely opposed. The changes that the Bush administration suggests are quite radical and will require a large amount of money, effort, and cooperation. They are not changes that can occur quickly but rather will take several years and many future administrations to carry out completely. It is important to recognize that Bush is proposing a new design for our governmental structure that will not fade away when he is out of office. The move toward an ownership society if implemented at the level he suggests, will have great altering effects on governmental policy and employment for generations to come.

Over the past year Bush has influenced the American voters greatly through rhetoric. The Bush administration intelligently weaved rhetoric supporting...