Essay on the reasons the Buenos Aires, Argentina is a qualified candidate to hold the Olympic Games.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina is sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America and it is easy to see why. With its stunning views and interesting attractions, Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It also has the facilities and technology that make it capable of hosting the summer Olympics.

If the Olympics were to be held in Buenos Aires, the athletes and spectators would have and abundance of places to stay. The city has been building many hotels in the last couple of years ever since the International Olympic Committee expressed concerns over the ability of the existing hotels to hold the crowds that come with the Olympic games. Buenos Aires has many hotels, most of which are of high quality. In addition to its hotels, Buenos Aires also offers the option of staying with a host family while in the city.

The hotels in Buenos Aires range from five-star, superior quality to average quality.

The hotels are almost always full during the peak season in Buenos Aires. There are plenty of hotels including a new Hilton, a Marriott, a Four Seasons, and many other high quality local hotels. In general, the hotels are overpriced for their quality when compared to hotels in North America and Europe. All of the five-star and four-star hotels in Buenos Aires have cable TV, direct-dial phones, in-room modem access and an in-room safe (Fodor's Pocket Buenos Aires).

If the hotels are completely booked or a tourist or athlete is looking for a cozier place to stay, they can choose to live with a host family while in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires has a large network of families that serve as host families for visitors. These families live in the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Staying with a host...