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Trip With Dad

During the summer break of 2003, I experienced the worst and most insightful trip of my life. My dad and I left on the last month of summer vacation to go to Mexico. It was there that I finally found my true inner self.

It all began when my dad picked me up at my house with a tiny, red Jeep that was packed to the roof with camping gear including two enormous tents, an immense colorless ice chest, a hoard of canned groceries, a monstrous sized boom box, and other types of camping gear. If one did not know any better, you would think that there was a solid wall behind my head because you could not fit anything else into the car. I was not able to fit my possessions into the car!

After I got into the car, we took an eight-hour drive to the San Quintin in Mexico.

I was lucky to get pass the border because my passport was not up to date and I did not have any identification cards or devices on me. Most of the time I was sleeping but when I was not sleeping, the coolest thing that I had seen for hours was a campsite on the way there. I asked my dad if we could sleep there for a couple of nights but he has a one-track mind so he said that we could go there on the way back. The other thing I saw was some first-class surf and it killed me because I dislocated my knee a couple weeks before and I was still recovering from the injury. In fact I was still on crutches.

When we got to our destination, San Quintin, my dad took me to this hotel that he knew...