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Colin Campbell

Atlanta, a city that has endured many criticisms throughout the years, from wanting to reform to just hating the place, need to look at themselves and make changes. James Kunstler, an author of the Global City Reader book, express his views on the Atlanta city in a bold and blatant manner; he examined Atlanta to be "clogged up like the porkfat-lined vascular system of a baby boom Bubba behind the wheel of his beloved SUV." One other person that criticize metro Atlanta's way of life as well as political issues is a writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a columnist that receives many praises, who goes by the name of Colin Campbell. He mostly specializes in the metropolitan section of Atlanta. Every week he would compose two essays that points out the problems, social life, and implied that they need to be demolished in order for a society, meaning the metro Atlanta, to have a suitable environment.

He has written about many problems over the past three months or so, but one might conclude that he focuses mostly on the issues about the homeless that dwells in Atlanta. He wrote at least about five topics about the homeless, which actually includes addicts, the mentally ill, winos, petty criminals, people down on their luck etc. You see them in the streets. A large percentage of customers are hassled by the people who loiter along Pine and Peachtree. The people sleeping in the shelter may not be the problem as much as those who prey upon them. Andy Shealy and Heyward Wescott have witnessed drug deals, prostitution, homeless people urinating and defecating in public, people building fires, camping, aggressive panhandling and taking money from the customers of self-pay parking lots. Because of the continuation of beggars getting bolder and...