Ethical Dilema and Moral Values

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Executive Summary

The corporate scandals of the past few years are compelling evidence that too many managers have failed to learn the lessons of managerial ethics. Everyday we are inundated by reports of how organizations have touched the apex of success only to sink back to the oblivion of unethical and shallow conduct. Corporates over the last century have just concentrated on the 'Bottom Line' and in it's pursuit they have completely forgotten about the people who form the base of their existence, their employees. Employees have been treated as just another mechanistic tool to achieve the ends of financial prosperity. Another factor that has been prevalent in the corporate jungle is the notion that everyone is 'expendable' as long as the balance sheet looks healthy. The "end" has become the driving factor rather than the "means". This emphasis has lead to the neglect of intellectual property and a drop in the employee satisfaction levels.

We have moved into the era of "New Economy" where an organization cannot become a true corporate entity if its culture does not allow for the nurturing of it's employees. This report analyses an organization's gross misconduct towards its employees in the way of forcing employees to resign under the false pretense of non performance.

Organizational Background

Prior to commencing my MBA I was working with a company called Wipro BPO in the capacity of a Team Leader. It would be important for the scope of this report to understand how the organization evolved from a small well managed entity to a poorly managed big corporate. The organization was involved in providing various kinds of telephone support from technical to customer service to our customers in the US. Wipro BPO had very well known names on its client list like DELL, AOL, Capital One...