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Ethical IssuesEBUS 400 E-BusinessEthical IssuesB2B and B2C companies must deal with legal and ethical issues. Many of the issues are very similar. There are a few differences that each company will face. B2B websites are companies that interact with other companies and B2C websites are selling products or services directly to the consumer via their web site. An example of a B2B is IBM. is an example of a B2C. Each type of company will face legal, ethical and regulatory issues daily in normal business activities. Many new issues arise with the vast amount of business conducted online each day. This paper will attempt to show the differences and similarities between B2B and B2C sites.

Ethical IssuesPrivacy is an issue that each type of company will deal with. How each type of company deals with this issue is different. On a B2C site, privacy is one of the main concerns a B2C will face.

Customers must reveal very private and sensitive information. This information comes from private individuals and not a company. Since B2C sites conduct millions of transactions daily, it is vitality important to keep credit card information, purchase details and personal information secure. B2C websites have a moral and legal obligation to protect the information of its customers. Customers must be protected from fraud. Security also needs to protect the website from hackers, who steal private information and sell it. Privacy protection extends beyond the website. Customers have a right not to receive unsolicited email or other communication. B2C sites should not allow third parties to send any form of communication without the customer's permission. (Scheinder, 2006). B2B customers are less concerned about privacy because the information they provide is not their own personal information.

These types of transaction involve the employer's personal information. Intellectual property...