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Ethics in Marketing (Advertising of Alcohol)


Running an honest business is very challenging for executives and employees. When you are running a business the main objective is to make a profit. Making a profit is fantastic as long as it was done ethically. This paper will discuss how important it is to have ethics in business, what methods can be used to apply ethics and view a scenario of how advertising of alcohol can influence underage drinking.

Part One

Ethics is a set standard on how we should conduct ourselves in society. This determines the difference from good and bad behavior. Ethics is broke down into three ethical theories.

Metaethics is when individuals attempts to determine where our ethical standards or principal originated. Normative ethics deals with knowing the difference between right and wrong. Lastly, applied ethics is simply dealing with argumentative issues such as politics, environmental, sexual morality and abortion (Fieser, 2009).

Along with ethics you have morals and values. Morals are what individuals consider right or wrong. Everyone has different view on what morals are acceptable. A person view on morals depends on the society they live in, religious beliefs, and family background. If a child is told its ok to steal because you are trying to support your family does not make it ok, no matter what the reason. In other words, what may seem right to one person does not mean it is right. This is where normative ethics may come into play (Johnson, 1999-2012).

Values are viewpoints a person strongly believes in, it be either honesty trustworthiness or kindness. .Individuals gains their values by imitating what they have learned from people that they look up to such as parents, teachers, and ministers. Values may change, as we get older depending on life situations...