Ethnography essay on MotoCross racing: Family, Friends, and Fun At The Race Track

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I was just recently introduced to Quad Racing (ATV's) by my boyfriend Kelly. Kelly has been riding quads and dirt bikes for most of his life, and he has been racing for the past ten years. Kelly and his best friend Dean both race quads and they are always working on their quads or out riding/racing together. I use to always give them a hard time about spending so much time working on their quads and going out riding/racing so much. I just didn't understand how they could spend so much time on this.

Then, I finally got a chance to race, and now no one can keep me away from it either. I went to my first race last weekend and I had so much fun. Even though I ended up in sixth place, I still had a blast, just being out there racing and being in the racing atmosphere.

The adrenaline rush that you get when you line up and get ready to take off is unexplainable. For the five laps that you're out on the track, all of your worries and concerns are gone. It seems as though the world around you has just disappeared, and all you can think about is going as fast as you can to pass the person in front of you. At my second race I got second place, it was so awesome. I received a trophy and everything. I know a trophy isn't really all that much but just knowing that you had fun and gave it all you have is such a great feeling of accomplishment. The people that I raced with were amazing too. Even though we were all competing against each other, every one cheers on the person that's...