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A Mechanic's Evaluation

When looking for a mechanic to work on my 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4x4, the most important thing I look for is their knowledge of my vehicle as well as their knowledge of whatever problem I may be having at that time. Another important factor is how they treat me, service when I bring my Jeep in to be evaluated. If they treat me like a nieve female then I take my business elsewhere. A third factor is their ability to have my vehicle finished as promised. If my vehicle is not ready when it is promised without a good explanation I do not return to that person for future mechanic work. That is why my husband, Steven, and his brother, George, do most of the work on my vehicle. Both George and Steven are ASE certified engine mechanics through Chrysler, Jeep, and Eagle. This was a main consideration when I was looking for my vehicle.

This was extremely helpful in my decision to purchase my Jeep.

For instance, a few months ago I began to have rear-end problems with the Jeep. It began to make weird, loud humming noises. Steven and George decided that it was caused by bearing problems in the rear-end, which meant it would need to be completely unassembled in order for the bearings to be replaced. Neither, Steven or George were sure how to go about repairing this massive project. They in-turn requested help from an old co-worker. The gentleman said that the job would be no problem and it would be finished in a couple of days. Well that was two weeks ago!

On Friday, George called to check on the progress of my Jeep. The man said it would be ready by Saturday afternoon. When George...