What is Job evaluation? How does it contribute to developing salary scales?

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How do you satisfy your employees they want fair pay, regular raises, attract and retain talented employees in your organization, need clarity about their roles and responsibilities as well as about what's expected from them. The solution for this is Job evaluation if it is performed effectively and used to clarify and revise job descriptions and position responsibilities.

Job evaluation is a tool used to evaluate the worth of each job in your organization and in today's labor market. A successful job evaluation system can help you make your organization's pay system equitable, understandable, legally defensible, approachable, and externally competitive. You can use job evaluations to:

- Clarify job descriptions so that employees understand the expectations of their roles and the relationship of their roles to other jobs within the organization.

- Attract desirable job candidates.

- Retain high-potential employees.


What is Job evaluation?

Job evaluation is a systematic process that you can use to determine the relative level, importance, complexity, and value of each job in your organization.

With a successful job evaluation system, you can compare each job to other jobs within your organization.

It is best to perform job evaluation after work analysis. Job evaluation, in conjunction with work analysis, helps you develop a job description that is broad, descriptive, and flexible so that you can adapt the description to your organization's changing needs.

Why introduce Job evaluation?

- Job evaluation facilitates the accommodation of new or revised jobs into the grading structure

- Job evaluation helps you establish and qualify differences in employee contribution across jobs. These differences provide a foundation for employee compensation decisions.

- The job evaluation process measures the elements of a job and produces an overall score. In each case, you evaluate the job, not the employee...