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Man has been here on earth for only asmall portion of the time that the planet has been in existence. If oneestimates the planets beginning at a modest age of say 3 billion years, agreewith reports of modern man existing for some 34000 years (give or take athousand years) mankind has only been here for less than a minute if we placedthe 3 billion years as a 24 hour clock In that time the planet has seenupheaval both big and small, life of various form has come and gone. The fewremnant of life beyond recorded history tries to tell its story in the bonesand fossil remains. We, humans that is are intrigued with that past life andattempt to plot a course of history we think that that life had live throughthe tracks of bones and fossil remains. Mankind has become pretty confident intheir ability to predict what happened millions even billions of years ago.

What I wonder what inspires me to write this litany is to what purpose is thisinvestigation into the past good for? Will it guide mankind in a direction ofself-improvement? Will it stop mankind from carrying out practices in landmanagement and protection of the environment that will stop world decay? Willit influence mankind to treat his/her fellow man with more respect andkindness? Will it help and parents raise his/her child in a safer moreunderstanding enlightened manner? In speculating on the matter I realities of thosequestions I can honestly say no in answering them all.

The amazing thing about mankind is there ability to think. Iwas inspired while taking this class to watch a program on Discovery thatcovered the expansion of the human brain and how that development brought yourand my ancestors out of the trees and made us a successful species. Whatinfluenced that brain development was a...