Evolution And Creation

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Evolution and Creation First off this is the process the creation uses in regards to achieving our state of being. Our evolution is it's creation. Since, from the beginning, level after level and world after world went through a progressive process of restrictions and developments up until our own material world (which I will show through Genesis), in order to bring the neshama (soul) into the gouf (body) of this world. (That is the Process helping each stage reach that goal.) Our soul (energy) would not exist in consciousness without this vessel to process it, in order to sense and experience life. Therefore this is the only existence and our grace, because without it, there is no thought, contrary to the lies about afterlife.

Now understand Genesis makes no sense to people because they don't place themselves to think like the higher intelligence which conveys the story.

It's not just a story trying to convey the beginning of time, it's also about the new beginning, creating the heavenly design.

The bible can capture a story within a story so that the bible holds keys to both the real beginning of mankind and also the future beginning of heavenly existance.

The nature of Genesis is both explaination of true form of the earth and form of the heaven by explaining the nature of man to reject the opportunity of eternity because of sin. It also reveals the kicking out of Satan first to move into this period of perfection without his bondage keeping us back. So the stories weave in and out of both the now (future) and then (past).

Genesis is talking about the Balance of Creation formed in the beginning then the days represent stages of processions each stage helping to progress to the next.

Genesis 1:1 "In the...