Evolution or from God???

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The Age old question, how did we get here and where did we come from? There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of theories on the answer to this question. With this said, all the theories can pretty much fall into one of two categories; the first being evolution and the other being intelligent design. Both have arguments for and against their respective theory. I cannot say for sure, as I believe no one can, which theory is true, but I can say this. I grew up in a Catholic household that went to church on Sundays and didn’t eat meat on Fridays. I went to a Catholic school from first grade to twelfth. I participated in after school youth church programs. In school in the younger years I was taught that God created the heavens and the earth in seven days, and that Adam and Even were in the Garden of Eden.

I was taught that we all came from that first couple, Adam and Eve. Even as a young lad, I found it very difficult to conceive the idea that all of mankind came from one couple. I knew that birth defects came from people who were too closely related having babies. There was a definite hole in this theory. As I got older, I was taught the evolution theory in science classes, but still taught the creationism theory in religion classes. I guess the school left it up to me to decide what was right. I believe in evolution 100%, but I do believe that “God” had some sort of influence on the process of the evolution of man, and all creatures of the earth for that matter. I didn’t know of a specific theory at the time that quite explained things the way I believed them...