Evolution reaction paper

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Evolution Reaction Paper

After finish watching the movie "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", our biology teacher asks us to write a reaction paper based on each section in the movie. There are ten parts in the movie, which include: Darwin's Observations from the Beagle, Humming Birds, Darwin's Idea of Natural Selection, HIV Evolution, Complex Organs: made/evolve, Eye Evolution, God versus Natural Selection including Humans, Can God Fit in Science, Society Control of Church and Book Publishing.

The first section in the movie is Darwin's Observations from the Beagle. As Darwin was on the Beagle from 1831 to 1836 and traveled South America coastline, he found different finches on different climate on different islands. Why God put different species in different climate? Then Darwin said that these animals have adapted. They change from generation to generation to fit in the climate where they live, so that they could survive. Then, Darwin drew a tree of life.

It shows the first ancestor parent animals from the root of the tree to the animals have evolved on the branch of the tree. I totally agree with Darwin's idea because there are many animals that are from a same spicy, but they have a little bit different as they live in different places. Darwin also found evidence said that mountain rise from the see which is a new idea at his time.

Continue on the movie, it's the part of the scientists did a research on the humming birds. They wrote down all information on the humming birds they'd caught on different places including took some of their DNA. All These humming birds have different beaks to adapt on the individual climate even if they have similar DNA. The environments where they live force them to adapt to survive. Humming birds which live near...