Examining an Epidemic: The Cholera Outbreak In Haiti. The Professor stated "the paper was great but he wishing that I had cover the Social & Behavioral of the people in depth.

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Running head: Examining an Epidemic 1

Running head: Examining an Epidemic

Examining an Epidemic: The Cholera Outbreak In Haiti

Josephine Napoleon

Professor: Terry Glancy, PhD


29 September 2014

South University


Due to the earthquake in 2010 Haiti confronted an epidemic of cholera in addition to social and behavioral problems. Thousands of death was reported, water shortages , lack of access to clean drinking water, political unrest was contributing to the continued spread of the disease (Webster, 2011) Most water reservoir are unhygienic with human defecated due to lack of sewage cleanliness structure. Most often the unhygienic water is been use for drinking and preparing of meals, bathing. These condition have been explored which have resulted in a safer way to deliver water to the Haitians population as well as environmental factors that contributed to ravage distribution of diseases to the communities.

Invent that led to the cholera:

In January 2010 Haiti was struck with an earthquake of 7.5

magnitudes which disrupt the island which was already had a lack of sanitation, poor health, malnutrition, and severe lack of education system, along with political unrest issues. With all of these issues combine and more added with the earthquake Haiti went under a great strain. Nevertheless, with a lack of sanitation the Haiti's problems rises even more. In November of 2010 the emergency medical workers in Haiti say "acute water shortages are inflaming the cholera epidemic, while political unrest is affecting the water distribution network, which is resulting in more cholera cases and compromising capacity to treat the disease." Because water trucks is use to delivery water throughout the island it was not feasible around November 2010 because of the political outcome of an election, therefore, blockage and political issues made it impossible for the deliveries of much needed water...