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What is road rage and why should you care about it? Who are the offenders? What inspires their irrational outbursts of rage? Who is effected by this behavior and how?

Today many people develop dangerous driving habits such as road rage, aggressive driving, speeding, improper or lack of turn signal use, improper passing, parking improperly, talking on a cell phone, impoliteness and other various distractions. However, I am going to focus on Road Rage. Road rage is a continuing problem not only in the United States, but in all countries where people who have tempers drive. Too often, we only focus on road rage after a fatal accident.

Road rage can be defined as an assault with a motor vehicle while driving in which infuriated drivers lose their temper and engage in risk-taking conduct. Also as an attempt at retribution towards another driver often resulting in injuries or death of motorists or innocent pedestrian over minor slights of traffic etiquette or perceived disputes.

The most obvious form of road rage is aggressive and excessive speeding, particularly on congested highways or in bad weather.

Readers may be asking themselves, "Why should I care about road rage?" To put it in the simplest and most readily understandable terms, if you are driving and are engaged in a road rage incident you could be harmed or killed as a victim or punished accordingly if you are the perpetrator. In many states road rage is a very serious problem and is not taken lightly by officers of the law.

The fast growing number of incidents on our roadways is credited to people like you and me, ordinary men and women with no prior history of similar problems. There is not a specific profile for a person that commits road rage. It is believed...